ASA East Region Youth Results 2015

Congratulations to Ellie Mitchell, Dina Day, Bryce O’Dea and Christopher Pagan for their achievements at the recent ASA East Region Youth Champs in Luton.

Ellie Mitchell200m BreaststrokeHeat 2:56.43 (PB), Final 2:56.50 5th
200 FreestyleHeat 2:15.77 (PB), Final 2:16.08 8th
400m Freestyle4:44.81 10th
Dina Day200m BreaststrokeHeat 3:01.35 (PB), Final 3:02.14 6th
50m ButterflyHeat 31.79 (PB), Final 31.75 7th (PB)
100m Butterfly1:10.49, 11th (PB)
200m ButterflyHeat 2:40.02 (PB), Final 2:40.63 8th
200m IMHeat 2:37.44 (PB), Final 2:35.92 6th (PB)
400m IM5:31.56 7th
Bryce O'Dea50m BackstrokeHeat 29.89 (PB), Final 30.16 7th
100m BackstrokeHeat 1:04.86 (PB), Final 1:05.68 7th
200m BackstrokeHeat 2:21.16 (PB), Final 2:23.65 8th
Christopher Pagan100m Freestyle1:28.09 4th (PB)