New Gym planned for Runnymede 2017

The council is proposing to develop Runnymede Swimming Pool into a leisure complex.  This would include a gym, weight room, dance studio and an open cafe area.

Senior council staff were very open and supportive at a meeting recently held with them.  They indicated that if everything is agreed and goes to plan it is hoped the new complex would be finished by March 2017.  There would be minimal disruption to us using the pool as this is not being replaced or moved.

For your interest 70% of adults and 35% of 10-11 year old children in the Castle Point borough are overweight or obese; the highest figure in Essex and 7th highest region in England. This is higher than the national figure for both. As a result the council would like to increase the opportunities for residents to do more to improve their levels of physical activity in order to benefit their health.  In addition, income from the current pool does not cover its costs and as the council tries to manage a reducing budget, if this project did not go ahead, the long term future of Runnymede Pool would be under threat.  The council does not have a statutory duty to provide swimming pools.

The council has asked us to work with them on this project and another meeting is planned for August.  We will ensure everyone is kept informed about this exciting project.  With that in mind if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please let the committee know.

I am sure a greater footfall into a new leisure centre will be a good thing for our club and I hope you are able to positively promote this project across the local community.