A Guide to Setting Goals

You may be asked to set goals for yourself and make them ‘SMART‘.  The letters all stand for words and we can work together to make them ‘SMARTER‘.  See what we did there? 😉


Specific.  Say what you want to improve. “I want to improve my backstroke finish”, as opposed to “I want to improve my backstroke.”


Measurable. Think how you will have achieved the goal. “I will be able to go hard into the finish every time without looking round.”


Agreed. Speak to your coach about your goal. They can help!


Realistic. Try not to set a goal that is too challenging. You may want ta National Record, but try for the county record first. Achieve your goal in a number of smaller steps


Time Bound. Set a point when this needs to be done by. Too far away and you will lose focus, too short may not be realistic. six months or the date of an important competition could be the way to go.


Evaluate. Constantly check your progress towards your goal and then plan the next step.


Record. Write down and keep note of all the small steps you make towards achieving that goal.

Training means more when you are aiming for something!