Our Mission Statement

To strive for excellence in swimming; from learning to swim to the Olympic stage.

To provide the environment that allows every swimmer the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Our Policies

As part of our efforts to provide this environment, the club has adopted a number of policies which govern the way that we operate as a swimming club.

Those documents are reproduced here for your reference.

Child Welfare Officer Information

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct for Swimmers

      Code Of Conduct for Children

Code Of Conduct for Parents

Code Of Conduct for Coaches and Teachers

Code Of Conduct for Committee members, Official and Volunteers

SwimMark Equity Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

RSC 2023 Constitution

All swimmers, parents, coaches, teachers and volunteers will be expected to adhere to the code of conduct relevant to them. Should you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Club Welfare Officer.

Club Equity Policy Statement

Our Club is committed to treat everyone equally, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Our Club will seek to ensure that equity as stated in our Equity Policy is incorporated in all aspects of our activities and also recognises and adopts the Sport England definition of Sports Equity:

Sports Equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognizing inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure it becomes equally accessible to everyone in society.

Our Club is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy swimming in an environment free from threat of discrimination, intimidation, harassment and abuse.

All Club members have a responsibility to challenge discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.  The Club will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to the club disciplinary procedures.

Swim England Affiliation

Swim England affiliation – Runnymede certificate: Affiliation Certificate 2023

Child Protection Policy & Guidelines

Further to our Child Protection policy above, we also adopt and apply Child protection procedures as issued by the Swim England governing body under Wavepower.

With regards to the use of smartphones and the use of social media we have provided some guidelines to relating to use of cameras and social media sites.  See our Photography and Social Media Protocol

A useful reference is the NSPCC’s Net Aware: Guide for the social networks your kids use.  This includes information on how to set up and protect you and your child’s information.

If you are under 16 you can download and read a copy of the Swim England Child Power form.  You can fill this in and give it our Welfare Officer. You can talk about anything that matters to you: from the support you get from your coach, who you talk to when you’re upset, and who helps you when swimming gets challenging or difficult.