Squad Fees

Dear Swimmers and Parents/Guardians

As mentioned during the AGM on 7th July 2023, we will be moving the club’s accounting to Club Organiser. This will result in all squad fees, gala entries, annual RSC Membership fees plus the Annual ASA membership being collected through one payment system.

Most of the larger swimming clubs in the area use this program. It will streamline the finance processes for the club, and we will no longer have to manually reconcile the accounts each month. As you can imagine this is an extremely time consuming job and often involves chasing unpaid fees.

We will be moving to a direct debit system rather than the current standing order process, which will allow the club to amend the monthly squad fee payments on your behalf when the swimmer moves squad and save you having to remember to amend your own standing orders. The same will apply for membership fees, we will debit these when they become due which will avoid you having to set up separate payments each time.

To enable us to do this, we will be issuing all members (or parents/carers if the member is under 18) login credentials for Club Organiser. Credentials will be sent via email from Club Organiser, please keep an eye out for the email and follow the instructions immediately on receipt. It is important that you log into your account as this will allow us to begin the process of setting up your Direct Debit.

Whilst automating payments is good news we must address the further increases we have had imposed on us for pool hire, with this in mind we are having to increase squad fees to cover the additional cost. Effective 1st September 2023 the following squad fees will apply:

Silver £41.00
Gold £49.00
Junior £61.00
Senior £72.50
Club £41.00
Masters £32.00
Swim Ability Group 1 £29.00
Swim Ability Group 2 £35.00
Swim Ability Group 3 £42.00
PAYG £7.00
For 3 members from same family £151.00